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How to Choose a LASIK Surgeon

Choosing a surgeon for any procedure is difficult. And while LASIK surgery is considered routine because it’s performed regularly, it is surgery on your eyes. And any surgery on your eyes is hardly routine. Finding a surgeon for your LASIK procedure is very important, so important that the search should be taken with great care. While finding a surgeon may seem overwhelming, we’re simplifying the process by limiting it to four keywords: Referral, Question, Location and Time.

What about Price? Price is not a consideration for surgery of any kind. If you can’t afford LASIK surgery, stick with your glasses or contact lenses until you can afford the fees. Your eyes are irreplaceable; find the best possible care, not the cheapest.


The three best places to get a referral for a LASIK surgeon are:

You can use our Lasik Surgeon Finder to simplify the process of locating surgeons in your area.

Regardless of where the referrals came from, make sure to talk to 2-3 surgeons before making a decision.


Ask your potential LASIK surgeon as many questions as possible. Do not be concerned or shy; you have a right to know everything about the surgery and the surgeon. If a surgeon is reluctant to answer your questions, then you should politely move on and screen the next surgeon.

We have compiled a list of Twenty questions to ask your LASIK surgeon


One of the biggest issues you’re going to have is location. The reason location is an issue is there are many follow-up visits after the surgery. Ideally, you want a surgeon within a normal 30-minute drive. In an urban area like Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago there are likely many surgeons in that radius. In a rural area like Michigan, Colorado and parts of Florida you may need to expand your radius a little to find the best surgeon possible. Don’t compromise; get the best possible surgeon.


Take your time. This is not an emergency; there is no need to rush. Ask questions, get second opinions and plan out the process. Spend the time needed to obtain enough information to make an informed decision. These are your eyes we’re talking about.

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