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Forget the Facts: My suggestions on eyesight management

You've read everything there is to know about LASIK and all the LASIK kin. You are - forgive me - up to your eyeballs in information. But true clarity is a butterfly - beautiful to look at, hard to attain. You are clueless as to what to do.

Here are my suggestions to eyesight management:

1.) Get your eyes tested regularly - Not once you're walking into walls, but a yearly checkup doesn't hurt even if you don't wear glasses.

2.) Cheat on the side of caution - If you need glasses, get them. If you have an issue with your eyes, have them checked out.

3.) I wear my sunglasses at night - Nothing better than a Corey Hart reference to start the day. Going to be in the sun for an extended period, wear sunglasses. And don't wear cheap sunglasses, go for good ones, ones that will allow your eyes to relax in the sun, not work twice as hard.

4.) Monitors aren't your friends - Many of us stare at computer screens for eight hours a day or more. Get a glare screen. Talk to your boss, HR person or whoever controls the finances for such purchases, take a stand for your eyes.

Keeping a fit body is a great idea but it's worth almost nothing if you have the vision of Hans Moleman. Fitness goes from your head to your toes, somewhere in between are your eyes, they'd like to see the love, too.

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